Digitalisation in Spanish schools

During my stay at San Valero, my project was to find out about the digitalisation of the Spanish school and to compare it to my school. The first thing I noticed was that in every classroom the teacher uses a computer to teach, but the students mostly write on paper only. Sometimes, if they have to do research, they are able to use laptops which the school provides. There are also some laptop classes; the school borrows the laptop to the students for a couple of years. In Germany my whole year uses an Ipad, as well as almost every teacher. On our Ipads we are connected to the school-WiFi but don’t know the password. In Spain, every student has his/her own username and password to connect to the WiFi and they are able to use it on every electronic device of their choice. Not only in lessons -  electronic devices are used also for homework: The teacher uploads the homework on Google-Classroom. During the lockdown, GoogleClassroom and Zoom were a big help as far as teaching the students at home was concerned as they were not allowed to go to school as well. The students were happy to still talk to the teachers and classmates through zoom and also be able to learn during the hard time during lockdown. In Germany we also used apps to continue studying even if we were not able to go to school as normal. In our school it was Moodle and BigBlueButton. In the beginning there were some problems in Germany and Spain but as the time passed everyone got used to online schooling and was able to study “normally“ again. All in all, I can say that the Spanish school and my school are almost similar when it comes to digitalisation, even if each school has its advantages and disadvantages, like being able to use Ipads for every lesson or having an own “WiFi-account“.


Von Stella Seibel (MSS 11)

Veröffentlicht 15.05.2022

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